MIDI Kill Switch

Why a MIDI Kill Switch?

The MIDI Kill Switch works like a light switch cutting the positive to break the signal. The ground and negative stay connected.

For Show Control:

When you’re running MIDI between a light board and a show controller like Qlab or SFX, and you and lights are programming and taking “GOs” at the same time, the MIDI Kill Switch will stop the MIDI trigger from executing the other.

For Music:

When you’re running MIDI between a digital piano and the synth and you want to break the signal.

It’s true you could just unplug the MIDI cable, but with the MIDI Kill Switch you can turn on and off the MIDI connection and not risk forgetting to plug the MIDI cable back in.

*The MIDI Kill Switch only works with a 5 pin MIDI cable and not USB MIDI.MIDIkillSwitchQSG-4-25